“It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” – George Ellis

Are you looking for the ultimate survival gear, kit or go bag to help you and your loved ones survive a natural disaster or crisis? 

Perhaps you’re traveling somewhere remote and want to pack some essentials just in case you get stranded or lost.  At Survive It™ Gear, we have all the gear you’ll ever need for these types of emergencies. From our Bug Out Bags – also known as Go Bags or Get Home Bags – to first aid kits, we offer a range of life-saving products.

We hope you will never need to use them, but they’re worth having just in case!

Emergency Car Kits

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Our catalog is extensive, with options for most situations and scenario’s you may find yourself in. Our gear, kits and bags have been developed and/or tested by survival experts, because we want to make sure that you have everything you need, when you need it most.

We provide survival gear, food, kits and bags to prepare you for natural disasters, long and short term emergencies, man-made disasters, when SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan), power outages, food shortages, global threats, classroom/workplace lockdowns and much more. 


Do I Need Survival Gear?

Some people assume survival gear is only for expert survivalists who deliberately seek out dangerous situations. However, the truth is that anyone can end up in these situations, intentionally or accidentally. My elderly parents lost their home in a fire, and this sudden catastrophe was heartbreaking for our family. I’ve recently started Survive It™ Gear to help many other people be more prepared.

Did you know that every year:

An unfortunate fact of life is that these disasters can strike us anytime. Consider preparing yourself in advance with the skills and supplies you may need if you end up at risk! Typical situations where you may need survival gear include wildfires, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, power outages, food shortages, or getting lost and stranded while traveling. Equipping yourself with some survival gear helps you feel prepared to tackle these situations if they arise. 


What types of survival gear do we sell?

At Survive It™ Gear, we sell an array of different survival equipment for all your needs, including:

Survival Emergency Kits

Whether hiking or embarking on a remote road trip, it may be worth bringing a survival kit backpack. These kits contain an array of essential survival supplies, from water purification tablets to emergency sleeping bags. Check our inventory to find a survival kit backpack for almost every potential disaster.

Bug Out Bags

We also sell our beloved Bug Out Bags (also known as Get Home Bags) that you can keep in your home, car or another easily accessible location in case a disaster strikes. If you need to evacuate your home during a fire or natural disaster quickly, you can easily grab this convenient bag and take it with you. Like the survival kit backpack, our Bug Out Bags contain all the essentials, ranging from 400-calorie food bars to hygiene kits. Check them out! Being prepared to handle an emergency can save your life.

Long-Term Food Storage

Are you looking for some emergency food to store somewhere safe? Ideally, you should choose items that provide a lot of energy and won’t expire for a long time. Our emergency food supplies are ideal for such occasions and can give you the calories needed to push through a disaster. Better yet, they are compact and won’t take up too much space in your Bug Out Bag or similar storage system.

First Aid Kits

When one of your party gets injured and you don’t have time to wait for (or can’t access) professional medical assistance, it’s crucial to have some backup medical supplies that you can use to treat yourself or someone else in need. Check out our range of home and travel kits today. Knowing how to use the supplies in a first-aid kit is an essential element of being an adult and looking out for those around you.

Preparedness Seeds

When dealing with food shortages, it could be handy to have some seeds that you can use to grow your own foods if need be. We call these preparedness seeds. Check out our stock of easy-to-grow and long-lasting seeds.

Are you familiar with all the items on this list? Did any of them surprise you? Brush up on your survival gear and outdoor skills so you can keep yourself and your loved ones extra safe this year.

Our mission is to prepare you for any unexpected situation that may happen while you’re just trying to do life or out exploring the greatness of our planet. We can’t control what the world and mother nature may throw at us, but Survive It Gear will make sure that you have what you and your family need and you will be ready for it!

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.