PART 2 – How to Survive a Cyber Attack | Preparing Your Home for Survival After an EMP Wave


Keep a Family Bug-Out Bag

  • Each Personal Backpack should include:
    • Change of clothes (weather appropriate)
    • Backup medication
    • Basic toiletries
    • Filter-straw water bottle
    • One or two books/journals/puzzle books
    • Backup pair of shoes and socks
    • Plastic bags, elastics, carabiners, etc.
    • Mini first aid kit
  • Family Bug-Out Duffle:
    • Non-perishable food
    • Water
    • Blankets
    • Ponchos
    • Tent
    • First Aid Kit
    • Flares
    • Fire Starter kit

Pack a Bug-Out Bag for each member of the family and a duffel bag of survival gear if you can manage to take it with you.   Plan for at least 3 days of essential supplies.

Stock the Car for Quick Evacuation

  • Non-Persishable Foods
  • 1-5 gallons of water
  • Blankets and sleeping bags
  • First aid kit
  • Flares and reflectors
  • Tire patch kit and/or spare tire
  • Snacks and games
  • Simple Flashlights with batteries separate
  • Camp stove, fuel, and lighters

In case you have warning before the EMP attack, stock your car with bug-out supplies. Consider taking items you may need if traveling from one State to another. If you are leaving your home for any period of time, grab your important documents, copies of insurance polices, bank information, credit card information, copy of Driver’s Licenses, medical records, vehicle titles, birth certificates (especially for children), home deeds and passports, 

Food Supplies & Growing Your Own Food

  • Natural or Planter Gardens
  • Easy, Edible, and Nourishing
  • Complete Diet from Canned and Fresh

What happens if you are expected to shelter in place for months without electricity or communication? You will want a long-term plan for feeding the family which will likely combine non-perishable stores with fresh grown produce. Most people do not have a homestead, but you can plant your vegetables in large plastic or wooden planters as well. Anyone can start a garden with buckets, soil, water, and light. 

Which preparedness seeds should you stock up on? The key to feeding the family with an in-ground or planter garden is to choose vegetables that grow fast and easy, that the family will eat, and that provide ample nourishment. Tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots are everywhere for a reason. Strawberries and peppers are common additions and you will never run out of—or get rid of—pumpkins.

Try to create a complete and satisfying diet by combining fresh grown foods with non-perishable stores like canned meats and dry pasta.

Reclaiming Technology

  • Seek Older and Disconnected Tech
  • Rebuild from Spare Parts
  • Construct Solar Power Arrays

An EMP attack won’t actually take out all electronics in the area. Disconnected parts, simpler circuits, and things in underground or concrete-protected rooms are less likely to have taken damage. While you are waiting for rescue, you can begin to rebuild some of the lost technology from spare parts alone. If can work an old shop soldering iron (simple circuit usually left disconnected), then you can start building new devices from the unaffected circuit boards and wires that were in sorted drawers when the EMP wave hit.

You can also start powering your supplies using batteries that survived and solar panels that were not fried in a live array at the time of the attack.

Coordinate With Your Neighbors

Once you have your household safety plan complete, the advanced strategy is to reach out and coordinate with your neighbors. Not everyone is worried about an EMP attack, but most people can agree that events like seasonal storms or local emergencies are worthy of a little neighborly planning. 

Develop resources with like-minded neighbors so you can help each other in the event of an EMP attack or other local power-cutting event. You may decide to build a unified home gardening plan, share supplies, and even share the same meeting places and emergency signals. This way, each family is more likely to survive and promote the survival of others through support, sharing, and cooperation during an emergency situation.

Looking to quickly stock up on survival gear and long-term food supplies? Survive It Gear has everything you need from starter kits for your bug-out bag to long-term food and homestead seed packs.  Contact us today or explore the online store to get your house, car, and family ready for any emergency where your power and services go out.

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