Bug Out Bags (also known as Get Home Bags) from Survive It™Gear are survival kits that allow you to store all your needed emergency supplies in a convenient, easy-to-grab backpack. Being ready to tackle emergencies can significantly increase your chances of survival compared to your odds if you run into danger without supplies. Preparing for the worst is key to overcoming incidents that can change your life.

Many survival bags on the market are stuffed heavily with crucial gear but do not typically leave any room for personal items. The idea is to store these bags somewhere safe and accessible so that you can grab them when evacuating during an emergency. Bug Out Bags provide plenty of space for extra items without sacrificing the room for essentials. More importantly, preparing a Bug Out Bag in advance means you won’t need to rummage for supplies like bandages or flashlights in an emergency. As long as your Bug Out Bag still contains the items it had when you purchased it, you can quickly grab it and run from a burning or collapsing room. There is no need to waste time trying to prep at the last minute. Act fast, escape emergencies, and be confident knowing you are prepared to face what comes next.

Here at Survive It™, our best Bug Out Bags have everything you need and more. You can stock it with food supplies to stop you from getting hungry, medical supplies to deal with injuries, and sleeping bags to keep you warm at night. The Bug Out Bags are lightweight without sacrificing the quality of the essentials within. They’re the best survival kit bags you can buy if you want to be ultra-prepared.

What Items Are in Our Bug Out Bags?

We stock many types of Bug Out Bags. Some are ideal for helping multiple people survive using the items from a single bag. Some will allow a single person to survive for longer without renewing supplies. Each bag has slightly different contents, but some of the essentials you’re likely to find in each kit include:

  • Long-term food storage meals
  • Water purification tablets
  • Light and communication tools
  • Emergency survival sleeping bags
  • Hygiene kit
  • First aid kit
  • Multi-function pocket knife
  • Face mask and safety goggles
  • Sewing kit
  • And more!