For many today, the thought of an emergency situation in a school or workplace is one of dread. What can you tell a classroom of children to prepare them for a lockdown emergency? In environments where employers are supposed to keep their workers safe, how can you explain to a staff that they need to think about preparing for emergency lockdown procedures?

Lockdown drills are a hard reality to face for everyone at school or in the workplace today. While much of this responsibility shouldn't fall on teachers, employers, workers, or students, the reality is that most individuals will experience a situation where emergency lockdown preparation is necessary.

Preparing Students and Staff for Effective Lockdown Procedures

With the potential for immediate threats and active shooter situations in schools and the workplace, administrations and management teams must continuously implement and practice lockdown procedures. These efforts help prepare students, teachers, and employees on the best ways to react in an emergency while protecting themselves and others. Although no "across-the-board" lockdown protocol exists, we can consider some go-to principles when preparing for a lockdown event. Lockdown emergency kits and other specialized preparations can help. However, practice, routine, and preparation remain the ideal solutions to help protect those involved in potentially dangerous situations. Individuals must look for protection in safe spaces. Doors should remain locked tight with lights turned off, and students and adults should remain aware from windows, calm and quiet until an "all clear" is signaled.

Assign Clear Roles

Appointing specific individuals within an organization can help lockdown preparation exercises go smoothly and ensure those within the facility remain safe should an actual incident occur. Specified roles in emergency lockdown situations can include: 
  • Activating alert systems
  • Preparing and maintaining lockdown emergency kits
  • Covering windows
  • Locking doors and securing rooms
  • Turning off the lights, and more

Establish Comprehensive Alerts

Comprehensive, "mass" notifications are vital to alerting everyone about an emergency. These notifications provide clear instructions on what individuals should do during the lockdown. Moreover, alerts can help encourage communication between the roles, as mentioned earlier, ensuring that every member of an organization translucently understands the critical points of the lockdown procedure, from securing the office emergency kit to distributing all clear information.

Develop and Implement Regular Training With Backup Plans

Schools, businesses, and other organizations cannot wait until an emergency lockdown event happens to educate workers and students on emergency lockdown plans. Conducting regular lockdown drills and displaying the lockdown procedural information in high-visibility areas remains a must. Unfortunately, even with proper planning and an office emergency kit or classroom lockdown kit in place, things may not go according to plan. In unpredictable crises, it's a veritable guarantee that something will proceed differently than expected. Ensure that the organization has a backup plan to help avoid panic while remaining proactive for everyone's safety.

Mental Health Maintenance

An essential part of making it through and recovering from an emergency lockdown is to remain aware and maintain mental health. Although it may seem impossible, staying calm and keeping a positive outlook in any emergency event is a must. Staying calm will help all involved make rational decisions in unpredictable situations. Although it is essential to be realistic in an emergency, keeping a positive outlook can provide scope, ensuring that those involved focus on things within their control while establishing and carrying out the next steps in a plan. Taking care of mental health helps individuals survive an emergency lockdown and can help them handle the aftermath of traumatic events as time goes on. Healthy coping mechanisms are vital to recovery after an emergency, whether exercising, writing thoughts and feelings, or simply talking to a close friend or family member.

Expect the Unexpected - Supplying an Emergency Lockdown Kit

There are two critical questions to ask when either building or selecting a lockdown emergency kit:
  • What type of emergency might I face?
  • Who am I making the kit for?
After all, an ideal kid's survival kit may not ideally serve everyone's critical needs in a school crisis. An office emergency kit will look notably different from what we may find in lockdown kits for schools. Lockdown kits must contain appropriate items and information related to an environment and situation's specific needs.

Lockdown Kits for Office Emergencies

No office can fully predict a safety incident. Preparations should include establishing and maintaining a crisis procedure and focusing on the potential risks and safety measures staffers must take to protect themselves. When office staff face an unexpected natural event or other potentially dangerous incidents, it can take time for emergency responders to reach them. Workers will need access to basic safety supplies and equipment. Office emergency kits typically contain enough supplies for 3 to 7 days and include items like first aid kits, radios, surgical masks and gloves, and other standard emergency tools.

Classroom Lockdown Kits

Students and faculty may experience events where they must either evacuate or lock down the classroom due to an emergency or disaster. These situations are frightening for educators as well as students. Attempting to direct large groups of children or teens in emergencies is no simple task. Lockdown kits for schools provide educators with the first aid to stop bleeding and treat injuries until emergency assistance arrives. These also empower schools with the necessary supplies to manage large groups of individuals with information and tools to provide direction and maintain order. Emergency events can happen at almost any time. People in schools may be hurt or face another situation where they cannot evacuate. Cases like these require a kids survival kit or classroom lockdown kit with emergency instructions, search and rescue supplies, standard tools, masks, first aid, and water. They should additionally contain items that help supply warmth, shelter, communication, and sanitation. With emergency kits in classrooms, students and faculty can stay safe and prepared during an emergency lockdown. Preparedness is the key for everyone to survive and remain healthy during crises within a school environment.

Storing Emergency Lockdown Kits

Schools and office buildings should store safety items in airtight containers or bags. Backpacks and duffel bags also provide a convenient, portable storage option for a lockdown emergency kit that a single individual can use. Depending on the size of a kit, plastic storage is also a good idea, stored in a safe, easily identifiable location. Team and administrative members should also maintain these emergency kits and kids survival kits. Check stored items on a semi-annual basis, replacing expired components immediately. We never know when a lockdown kit might mean the difference between life and death.

Proper Preparedness Keeps Everyone Safe

Teachers and office managers understand that proper preparation for the unexpected is the most effective component of keeping workers and students safe. Survival kits are the perfect way to ensure teachers, administrators, and those performing crucial roles in an emergency action plan have everything they need to be prepared for any emergency. When a crisis happens, every second matters. Survival kits should be at-the-ready at a moment's notice. Should an emergency take place in a classroom, office, or other setting, lockdown kits provide a comprehensive solution for every unique environment. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Precisely why our team from Survive It(™)Gear consults with experts in the survival and security fields, following guidelines offered by government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Survive It(™)Gear - Designed and Produced for Every Situation

Survive It(™)Gear designs and customizes our survival gear and emergency kits to prepare individuals for the long and short-term emergencies they may encounter that necessitate a lockdown. Founded specifically to help prepare for the unfortunate circumstances that can arise, Survive It(™)Gear understands that our world can sometimes be a dangerous place. We make it our mission to prepare our clients for any unexpected situation that could happen while trying to live life. While we can't predict or control what the world might throw at us, with our vast catalog of survival and emergency kit provisions, we can ensure that we're ready for it.  Our most popular products include the Hikers Survival Backpack, 3-Shelf First Aid Station, and the Survive It 60 Serving Entree Emergency Food Bucket. Experts in the emergency preparedness industry designed the Hikers Survival Backpack. We work closely with these experts while following government agency and nonprofit preparedness organization guidelines for a comprehensive emergency package containing:
  • Food and Water
  • Light and Communication Provisions
  • Shelter and Warmth Supplies
  • Emergency Tools
  • Hygiene and Sanitation Equipment
  • First Aid Kits
Our 3-Shelf First Aid Station is wall-mountable for easy access. It contains: 
  • Over 1,000 Varied Pieces of Bandages
  • Eye Washes
  • Splints
  • Aspirin, and Other Pain Relief Tablets
  • Sprays
  • Ointments
  • Antiseptics 
The white steel case ships in a neat, organized package and includes everything you may need when an emergency strikes. Food is a staple supply for any emergency. You could be impacted by a weather emergency or trapped in a facility with no easy and immediate path to evacuation. Regardless, you'll need sustenance, and it is wise to be prepared. Our 60 Serving Entree Only Grab-n-Go Bucket is an emergency food supply resource filled with freeze-dried and dehydrated food that just requires water to be ready to eat. We supply these emergency food packages in stackable buckets for easy storage and transport. Though emergency preparedness can seem overwhelming, taking the necessary steps now can save significant headaches and loss when an emergency strikes. Certain types of crisis events keep us up at night. As an administrator, teacher, or business manager, you can expect that workers and students share some of these fears. Nevertheless, with the proper preparation, equipment, survival & safety kits, and a well-informed, trained team, anyone involved in an emergency should feel ready to play their role and overcome the situation.