3 Tips On Surviving An Emergency Lockdown

Operations Plan Preparation

Given the increasing frequency of national school crises, all schools must have an organized emergency operations plan. Such a plan can help to reduce risks and prevent or respond to a wide range of potential crises. Be familiar with the plan and run down what you would do in any given situation; how you prepare will affect how you react if any real-life crisis occurs. A well-designed emergency operations plan should consider the school’s and its community’s specific needs and should be regularly reviewed and updated. Additionally, it should be re-enacted so the step by step process can be familiarized to the staff and students rather than it just being information on a sheet. 

Both staff and parents should be properly informed on the communication protocols in the case of an emergency. It is expected for there to be panic and worry, but having a proper communication plan in place in the case of an emergency lockdown can bring more ease in the situation.

By taking proactive measures, giving proper training, and investing in a great survival kit for teachers to reduce risks and prepare for crises, schools can help ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

Mental Health Care

One important thing you can do to survive an emergency lockdown is to take care of your mental health. This means staying calm, keeping a positive outlook, and maintaining healthy coping mechanisms.

  • First, it is important to stay calm. This can be difficult in an unpredictable situation, but it is essential for making rational decisions.
  • Second, keep a positive outlook. You shouldn’t be blindly optimistic, but rather, you should focus on the things that are within your control and have a plan for what you will do next.
  • Finally, maintain healthy coping mechanisms. This may involve exercise, journaling, or talking to friends and family.

Taking care of your mental health will not only help you survive an emergency lockdown, but will help with the aftermath effects in the long run. 

Emergency Kit

If an emergency lockdown in a classroom, one survival tip is to have an emergency survival kit for teachers. This can include a first-aid kit, water, food, and a flashlight. Having these items with you helps ensure that you and your students are safe and prepared in an emergency. Additionally, it is important to plan how you will communicate with your students during a lockdown. This could include using a whiteboard or sending text messages. By being prepared and having a plan and survival kit for teachers in place, you can help to ensure that everyone survives an emergency lockdown in a classroom.


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