DIY Go Bag – 10 Essentials to Pack Before It’s Too Late

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Earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes–no one likes to think about the possibility of these emergencies, but disaster can strike at any time. The best way to protect yourself in a natural disaster or other crisis is to be prepared. Having go bags ready for you and your family can make all the difference amidst a life-changing event.

What Is a Go Bag?

A go bag is a sturdy backpack or duffle bag packed with items you will need if you ever have to leave your home with little notice. Taking the time to prepare a survival go bag doesn’t mean you’re paranoid or superstitious; it’s a simple way to protect yourself and the ones you love if catastrophe ever strikes. Some people call this doomsday prepping, but we call it being smart.

10 Essentials to Pack In Your Survival Bag

You only have so much room in your go bag backpack, so what should you pack? While the contents may vary depending on your individual needs, here are a few essential items you should consider putting in your go bags.

1. Hygiene Supplies

Good hygiene is crucial to maintaining optimal health. You’ll want to pack items such as soap, lotion, toilet paper, toothpaste, facemasks, and hand sanitizer to maintain good hygiene until you find a safe place to stay. If you have room, you may consider other items such as lip balm, a small towel, and feminine hygiene products. Some go bags for sale collect hygiene essentials into compact packaging for your convenience.

2. First Aid Kit

Natural disasters can cause injuries such as burns, cuts, and illness. Your survival go bag should always have a first aid kit with bandages, topical ointments, and medications. A first aid kit is the kind of thing you hope you won’t need, but you’ll be glad to have it if you do.

3. Water or Water Purification Tablets

The human body has astounding capabilities and can survive up to several weeks without food… as long as you have water! You can only live for a few days without water, so it’s crucial to have it in your survival kit. You may choose to carry a few water bottles, but it is also wise to have water purification tablets on hand. These tablets can help cleanse and purify available water sources, preventing sickness and keeping you hydrated.

4. Food

Pack non-perishable, long-lasting food items in your go bag backpack, such as canned meats and vegetables, protein bars, granola, peanut butter, and dried fruit. Search for foods with a long shelf life and high in protein to provide energy as you navigate the emergency. 

5. Flashlight

Even though most phones have a flashlight these days, you may not be able to keep it charged during a natural disaster or other catastrophe. Pack a flashlight or two with extra batteries, just in case. There are many flashlights on the market that are incredibly bright and don’t take up much space. If your city’s electricity is out for several days, you’ll be glad to have this on hand.

6. Fire Starter

If you get stuck outside, you will need heat to survive. Consider various methods to start a fire, such as waterproof matches, lighters, flint starter kits, and a pack of kindling.

7. Sleeping Bags or Blankets

Choose a compact yet warm sleeping bag to protect yourself and provide a comfortable way to sleep. Our go bags come with an emergency sleeping bag, so you don’t have to worry about shopping for something affordable, warm, and small enough to fit in your pack.

8. Multi-Function Pocket Knife

A multi-function pocket knife provides you with more than last-resort protection–you can use it to cut your food or fix things. You never know when a pocket knife comes in handy, but you’ll sure be glad you have one if you ever find the need for it!

9. Copies of Important Documents

If you cannot return to your home, you’ll definitely want to have copies of important documents on hand. This may include birth certificates, passports, social security cards, bank account information, and insurance cards. Having copies of these items will make the process of replacing them less complicated.

10. Cash

There is no guarantee you will be able to use credit or debit cards if your community is in a state of emergency. Having a modest amount of cash in your go bag backpack allows you to make purchases if mobile and electronic banking becomes unavailable. 

The Bug Out Bag–Everything You Need to Survive In an Emergency

Survive It Gear makes go bags with anything you could possibly need during an emergency. Our Bug Out Bags are compact yet spacious, fitting all of your emergency essentials and leaving space for additional items you may want to add for yourself. Avoid the headache of putting together your own survival pack and purchase one of our go bags for sale, stocked with everything you need to be prepared for the worst.

Be Prepared Before It’s Too Late

Having a survival go bag ready isn’t something you should put off. Procrastination only leads to regret and injury. While you can always hope nothing bad will happen, there’s no way to know. Purchase the Survive It Gear Bug Out Bag today and sleep better at night, knowing you’re ready for anything.

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