Stocking boxes of dry food in your home may not be enough during a significant long-term food shortage. Your storage may eventually run out, and many of us purchase dry items that aren’t likely to provide all the nutrition you need over a long period. Times like this are where an emergency seed kit can come in handy. These kits contain seeds for growing your own food so that you can be self-sufficient if those cans and dried foods run out. Alternatively, they could help flavor some of those foods you have stocked up.

Such seeds need to be able to be stored for long periods without expiring. It’s also handy to have seeds for plants that can grow easily without specific requirements. At Survive It™ Gear, our emergency seeds tick all these boxes. Check out some of our seed kits below to see which foods you can grow.

What Seeds Should I Choose?

Look for emergency seeds that are easy to grow, like beans. Some veggies, such as squashes and spinach, produce high yields that can provide high amounts of nourishment. Some seeds can last up to 30 years in storage, so consider your lifestyle and how you prefer to store your emergency food. Some people eat their emergency food over time and replenish it regularly, ensuring that they always have fresh food in storage and won’t need to eat expired products. If you’re one of those people, you may want to add plenty of your favorite vegetables so you can enjoy the taste whenever you rotate old food out for the new.

What Types of Emergency Seeds Do We Sell?

Grow a range of plants with our array of different seeds. All our seeds are non-GMO/non-hybrid to ensure they will last long periods. Our packets contain high amounts of seeds, so you can always count on a large crop. Some of the seeds we sell include:

  • Herb garden seeds
  • Fruit garden seeds
  • Medicinal garden seeds
  • Salsa garden seeds